South  Carolina State  Employees  Association
                              Established 1943                 Chartered 1946

Anne A. Agnew
Larry G. Ellis
Broadus B. Jamerson
SCSEA Executive Directors 
The South Carolina State Employees Association, SCSEA, is a non-profit, non-partisan organization established to advance the welfare of state employees and retirees and to promote efficiency in the administration of the business affairs and public services of state government. 

The SCSEA was organized in 1943, when a group of 20 state workers joined together to establish a state retirement system. The employees organized an informal state employee group to publicize the need and establish a state retirement system. They solicited voluntary contributions to finance the effort to establish a state retirement system.     

In 1945, the South Carolina Retirement System was officially established 
Carlton B. Washington
The SCSEA continues to advocate for and maintain important benefits for state employees, including pay increases, retirement increases, the state grievance procedure, state-supported health and dental insurance, improvements in leave and retirement with full defined benefits.

Membership in the SCSEA is open to all active employees and retirees of South Carolina's State Departments, Agencies, and Institutions. The SCSEA Board of Directors is elected by SCSEA members. SCSEA programs and activities are determined and directed solely by state employees and retirees.

SCSEA local chapters play a prominent role in membership recruitment, legislative promotion, information sharing, and fellowship. They form the Association's strong grassroots base.